Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Social Media has become the Most Popular Content Marketing Tactic reported by 90% of B2C Businesses

Have you ever noticed that you see a lot of ads for a business after you visit their website or social media profile? We can do that for you! “Retargeting” is just one of the tactics we use to show your ads to the right people at the right time. We build ad audiences that can mirror your current followers, your highest spending e-commerce customers or even those who visit your website or Facebook page the most.

The internet is so accessible these days, with more and more people going online each day. Internet usage among adults has increased each year recently, with people using the internet for a variety of things. The way that we all shop has changed recently too, making some offline marketing techniques not as useful as it used to be for businesses. Marketing your business has long been about connecting with potential customers, meaning that you have to time it right, as well as use the right place to connect. As the majority of your potential customers are going to be online, as it is where they are spending a lot of time, then you need to be harnessing your marketing online in order to be seen.

That is where digital marketing comes in. This is about any marketing that is done online, from SEO, advertisements, content marketing, social media marketing to email marketing. But what types of digital advertising should you be starting to use for your business? No matter the size of your business, advertising online is going to be one of the best ways to bring in online sales and attract new customers. Creating ads can seem difficult, as there are a number to choose from, but that is where we come in.

Digital marketing ads

There are several ways that digital ads can help your organic marketing and improve the overall performance of your marketing. When you use digital ads, your organic performance can really benefit from:

Generating an increase in brand awareness.

Helping you as a business to have a better understanding of your target audience, as you can leverage your ads, using targeting, as well as being able to analyse the performance of the ads.

Creating higher-performing content, which will come when you see what works well for your business and what does not.

An increase in lead generation, from calls-to-action in content, whether through a search engine or on social media ads. An increase of website visitors can also lead to an increase in lead generation, which will help you when it comes to email marketing and generating more and more people with interest in your business.

The goal of any digital ad strategy is to make sure that you can get a positive return on your investment. This can come down to getting more revenue from an ad campaign, over and above what you have put into it.

The power of social media ads

Social media has quickly become one of the most influential virtual spaces. Not only are the social media platforms being used for their social networking, but they are also a great way to advertise digitally. The power of social media means that you can increase your reach and get seen by many people within seconds. This is not only cost-effective, but you can target your social media ads to reach out to potential consumers with social media advertising.

There are huge numbers of people online and using social media channels. So, if you don’t want to miss out on it (approximately 60% of the world’s total population), then you need to be on social media for your business. The benefit of social media ads is that you can spend less than offline marketing methods but get much more back as you can be specific with who sees your ads. A TV ad goes out, but you have no idea who is seeing it. When it comes to social media ads, especially with Facebook ads and Instagram ads, you can be location-specific, age-specific, and others, to target your ideal customer.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

If you want to attract more and more customers, then you need to let people know about what you do. Using social media can help you to do this, as you can create some content that is visually appealing and help to attract the attention of potential customers and letting them know about your brand. Just doing that once isn’t enough though, to really create an increase in brand awareness. It is something that needs to be done again and again.

Using social media marketing strategies, as well as influencer marketing and content marketing campaigns, can help to imprint your brand with those ideal customers that are using social media channels. Once this has happened, you will see that your target customer audience will engage with your brand more often, helping to increase engagement, but also creating many more chances of those users becoming paying customers. When they connect with your brand and recognize it, then they are more likely to stick with you. Maintain their trust through social media channels, using the ones that are going to be best suited to your target audience.

Learn Buying Patterns of Ideal Customers

The use of social media channels is open to all, which means that you as a smaller business have the potential to use it just as much as a larger corporation does. As a result, using it can help you to be more informed about your ideal customers. You can get to know what they do or do not like, and then hone strategies that will attract them to your business. Social media gives you the chance to see the kinds of interests that your customers have. From there you can create content that they will engage with and relate to, helping to increase the engagement on your social media channels. Doing this will help you to see the different demographics of the people who come to your profile, and you can analyse the kind of content that is most well-received.

The digital marketing strategies that you use to attract new customers should focus on connecting with your target audience. When there is no connection, then it will not last. You want these relationships with your customers to last, so it is worth your time and effort to improve your digital marketing strategy. Improving the connection with your audience will lead you to getting more loyal customers and, as a result, helping you to get ahead of competitors. If you have questions or want to know how we can help your business to harness the power of social media and digital marketing, then get in touch with one of our team today.

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